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    Demand Pulse – optimal stock management

    More than ever, forecast accuracy is essential for your business. Demand Pulse improves the reliability of those forecasts. The benefits to you are accurate stock levels, shorter delivery times, lower costs and satisfied customers.

    Demand Pulse by Cynax is a statistical module that works quietly in the background, in sync with your current forecasting system. It calculates the best stock and restocking levels for each individual company or department that holds stock.

    Demand Pulse shows which products need to be produced, at what time, and in which quantities, to ensure 95% or 98% certainty of delivery (percentage can be set in the tool), as soon as the customer has placed the order. Precise calculations ensure that stock levels and restock volumes for specific products are calibrated accurately to future demand.

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    • proven to reduce stocks by 10-35%
    • improves service rates and delivery times
    • lowers distribution costs
    • integrates into your ERP system
    • forecasts the sales pattern of single products
    • takes special events into account