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    Information Demand Pulse

    Generating accurate sales forecasts and meticulously designing a production plan geared to meet the projected demand is a process that is vulnerable to errors. Any forecast deviations will have an immediate impact on production planning, causing a misalignment between supply and client demand. Forecasting involves a number of potential problem areas:

    • The level of forecasting detail: the sales pattern of a product group can be predicted more accurately than that of a single product. But more detail is necessary to create an accurate production plan.
    • The longer the forecasting period, the less reliable the forecast.
    • Special events, such as holidays or marketing campaigns, can cause spikes in demand which frequently are not anticipated.

    Demand Pulse is a statistical tool that solves these problems. Less demand? Demand Pulse automatically delays restocking. More demand? The module automatically accelerates restocking. Has the demand profile changed? Demand Pulse automatically follows this change. As the module works in the background, together with the existing forecasting system, the company will always receive information about any deviation between the current prognosis and the optimal stock and restock levels.

    • proven to reduce stocks by 10-35%
    • improves service rates and delivery times
    • lowers distribution costs
    • integrates into your ERP system
    • forecasts the sales pattern of single products
    • takes special events into account