Cynax Simplifying Information Technology

    Process improvement is a matter of training

    Are your delivery times too long? Are your production costs too high? Are your customers not satisfied? Having planning problems? It's time to improve your business processes using Six Sigma's process improvement method called DMAIC.

    Without the need to hire consultants! Just complete the very accessible and interactive training course via your computer. The Green Belt training will introduce you to the world of Six Sigma and explain in clear language what DMAIC is based on. Step by step you will be guided through DMAIC by following an interactive case study. Not only will you acquire knowledge about the specific tools and steps, you will also understand their practical applicability.

    This is important, because using Six Sigma will usually only yield the desired results if the methodology is used the right way. Process improvement is more than just using tools; it actually should become second nature. And that's why Green Belt training is so very helpful.