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    I started my Six Sigma Green Belt Training on 3 July 2013. The training consisted of theory by means of the Siggy software package. In addition, I received a two-day in-house training support. This training was spread out over four sessions in order to maximize results. The end result was that I successfully passed the Six Sigma Green Belt Training.    

    Was the Six Sigma Green Belt Training beneficial?

    At the start of the training, I had to select a practical Six Sigma project. I chose the process 'salary changes'. Ultimum was already looking for a significant shortening of the turnaround time of the 'salary changes' process, which was more than 2 weeks of work every month. Several Lean and Six Sigma tools were successfully implemented in this project and a measuring system was delivered on the end result. The turnaround time of the 'salary changes' process was shortened from 2 weeks to 1 day, all due to to making it a Six Sigma project and keeping a close eye on all processes, ensuring that these run smoothly and without errors.

    What did I think of the training?

    I found the training superb! It is so cleverly designed that it delivers the most effectiveness. There is a theoretical part, by means of the Siggy training, a practical part with an experienced Black Belt trainer and finally an examination on what one has learned. The training thus encompasses everything! Only after one has passed all parts of the training is one awarded the Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate and can one start Six Sigma projects within one's organization.

    Ricardo Poort – Office Manager Ultimum B.V.


    LETTE VRIJHOF – GVT GROUP OF LOGISTICSLette Vrijhof - Gebroeders Versteijnen Group

    I was looking for a Six Sigma training in order to theoretically underpin our pragmatic approach so as to enable us to better address issues. I was approached by Cynax, which offered me an interactive training developed by General Electric. The flexible nature of this training, which content-wise does not differ from a classroom approach, appealed to me. Now I could organize my own study hours and did not have to lose any time travelling to a training location. The training is highly instructive due to the combination of theory and practice by means of simulations and exercises. The interim questions and final tests at the end of each chapter allow one to immediately test whether one comprehends the material. If one needs to better understand a section, one can review the material or navigate to the related documents (tools, theory, glossaries). The approach using 'Siggy' and specialized narrators per chapter ensures that listening to the theory is a varied and dynamic experience. All in all, I have learned a lot and experienced this method of teaching as a pleasant one!

    Lette Vrijhof – GVT Group of Logistics


    Jan-Joost van ’t Veer – Roto Smeets Group

    I was looking for a flexible and high-quality Six Sigma training in order to develop my theoretical knowledge of the DMAIC principle. Through my network, I came into contact with Cynax. They provide an interactive training that has been developed by General Electric and is used by a number of reputable consulting firms to train their employees as Six Sigma Green belts. These references combined with the quality and flexibility of this training were a crucial factor in my choosing Cynax. The training is highly educative due to the combination of theory and practice through simulations and exercises. During the training, I was given access to a large database filled with "white papers", tools, forms and macros that could also be used for Six Sigma projects after the training. Looking back, I am very pleased with my choice. I can only say that I have learned a lot from it.

    Jan-Joost van ’t Veer – Roto Smeets Group

    Cor Bavinck Marketing Manager GIDSZ  B.V.

    During the past two years, while implementing a number of interim assignments, I was confronted with issues regarding logistical processes within companies and other organizational issues. Someone in my network brought me in touch with Cynax. They advised me to pursue their Green Belt Six Sigma course, which I could follow at my own pace and on my own computer.

    The training is very clearly structured and easy to follow. I have gained many new and useful insights. I can recommend everyone to get in touch with Cynax in order to discuss what this course has to offer them. There is also an “in-house” solution available for enterprises.

    Cor Bavinck – Marketing Manager GIDSZ B.V.